A warrior and prophetess, she's the only woman in the Hebrew Bible with hard political power who is portrayed positively.

Eshet Manoah: Mother of the Mighty Samson

One of the Bible’s many barren women, she had the grace and grit to become mother to the "Jewish Hercules."

Haftarah for Chukat

A warrior, once shunned, regains his rightful place at the head of the battle.

Daughter of Jephthah

This enigmatic character leaves the reader questioning.

The Book of Judges

The cycle of sinning and redemption.

Parashat Yitro

Yitro: Pardes 5769


This judge and warrior led the Israelites in battle against the Ammonites.

Conquering Canaan

Joshua and Judges present different versions of the Israelite conquest.