Jewish Views on War and Peace

The Soul of the Stranger

The commandment not to oppress the stranger can refer to war refugees, for whom the Torah demands intense compassion.

Genocide in the Torah

The existential threat of Amalek.

Prisoner Rights vs. National Security

"A democracy must often fight with one hand tied behind its back."

Jewish Captives, Cruelty, & Compassion

Jewish law on the proper treatment of prisoners of war

Peace: Jewish Traditional Sources

The concept of peace is deeply ingrained in the Jewish legal and ethical system.

Objecting to Conscientious Objection

According to at least one scholar, Jewish tradition does not recognize the right of personal conscientious objection.

The Gentle Heart in Israel Today

Extending a biblical exemption from military service to Israeli refuseniks.

Jewish Peace Offerings

Deuteronomy's laws of warfare include the requirement that a nation seek a peaceful settlement before engaging in war.

Assertive Nonviolence in Judaism

Establishing a new program of Jewish resistance.

Civil Disobedience in the Bible

The Bible has a number of models for nonviolent resistance.