Jewish Relationships

36 Questions for Jewish Lovers

Rabbi and marriage counselor Ari Sytner offers 36 questions for Jewish couples to achieve greater intimacy and harmony.

Jewish Routines for Children

Creating positive educational experiences for your family.

Feminist Perspectives on Niddah, the Laws of Separation

Acceptance versus rejection of the laws governing monthly mikveh visits.

Mikvah Prayer

A woman's prayer before entering the ritual bath.

Domestic Violence in Jewish Law

How Judaism views wifebeating.

Making Sex Holy

Jewish tradition embraces love and sex as part of the human drive for holiness.

What’s Wrong with Adultery?

The problem with marital infidelity is the loss of the relaxed intimacy that lets us be ourselves.

I and Thou: Selected Passages

When a person encounters another person in total immediacy, he or she may also experience a glimpse of God.

Jewish Wisdom on Friendship

Jewish literature offers many insights into the nature of friendship, the rewards it offers, and the efforts one should make to sustain a friendship.

Jewish Husbands, Jewish Wives, and Jewish Partners

Husbands, wives, and relationships in Judaism are governed by the principle that "It is not good for the human to be alone."