Jewish Movies

Yiddish Film

Produced in Poland and America, Yiddish film captured the diversity and richness of the Yiddish-speaking world.

The Chosen

Orthodox vs. Hasidic on the Silver Screen

Woody Allen

Love him or despise him, Woody Allen is an American-Jewish filmmaking legend.

Deconstructing Harry

Woody Allen goes to hell.

Mel Brooks

Mel Brooks' humor springs from Jews' outsider status and history of persecution.

Jewish Film Festivals

Jewish film festivals are wildly popular--and for some moviegoers, are a major expression of their Judaism.

Hollywood Jews

Despite the Jewish dominance of Hollywood, Jewish filmmakers were not always comfortable portraying Jewish themes on screen.

Power to Teach. Power to Prevent?

Exploitation and moral responsibility in Holocaust filmmaking

Holocaust Films

As the number of Holocaust-themed films grow, many questions arise from the attempt to depict this tragedy on screen.

Schindler’s List

Spielberg's masterpiece focuses on an enigmatic non-Jewish businessman and the Jews whom he saved during the Holocaust.