Jewish Mourning

Job in the Synagogue

How the Book of Job made its way into Jewish prayer and ritual.

El Maleh Rachamim: Recasting the Language of Loss

This haunting memorial prayer employs subtle nuances of language to gently invert the vocabulary of grief.

How to Say El Maleh Rahamim

This prayer asking God to grant rest to departed souls is often recited at funerals.

Aninut: Between Death and Burial

Judaism bestows a special status on a person whose grief is so fresh it’s all consuming.

How To Say The Mourner’s Kaddish (Video)

Learn how to say the Mourner’s Kaddish. For more on the Kaddish, click here and here. Sign up for a ...

Shiva and Work

Shiva usually means an entire week off work.

Ending Shiva

Getting up and walking around the block marks the end of a week of mourning.

Why Do Jews Put Stones on Graves?

Learn the reasons for this distinctive mourning practice.

A Jewish Chaplain

Sometimes the chaplain is the only one who can mourn.

Meal of Consolation (Seudat Havra’ah)

The ritual meal after a Jewish funeral.