Jewish Law Sources

Early Medieval Halachic Texts

In the early Middle Ages, leading scholars across Europe and North Africa produced different genres of legal writings.

Arukh HaShulhan

The writings of Rabbi Yehiel Mekhel Epstein.

The Hayei Adam

The works of Rabbi Abraham Danzig.

Mishnah Berurah

The writings of the "Hafetz Hayyim," Rabbi Israel Meir Kagan.

Kitzur Shulhan Arukh

The writings of Solomon Ganzfried.

Early Modern Halachic Texts

An introduction to the works of the aharonim.

Modern Halachic Texts

In the wake of emancipation, various strategies emerged to stem and possibly reverse the tide of modernism.

Writing Jewish Law: The 17th and 18th Century

A survey of the great post-Shulhan Arukh legal authorities.

In Ashkenaz

The rabbis of France and Germany created new genres of halakhic literature.

Commentaries on Alfasi

Alfasi's groundbreaking legal code invited criticism, defense, and supplementation.