Jewish Family

Acheinu: We Are One Family

The words of this ancient prayer speak eloquently to the dire situation of Jews held in captivity.

How Jacob Healed His Family

Israel’s third patriarch was born into great dysfunction, but found ways to create the first cohesive family in the Bible.

Jewish Routines for Children

Creating positive educational experiences for your family.

Jewish Grandparenting

Creating a lasting and meaningful Jewish relationship with your grandchildren.

Parenting Jewish Teens

How to help your teens grow as they prepare to leave home.

Must One Honor an Abusive Parent?

While honoring parents is a core Jewish value, so is protecting one's health and well-being.

How to Raise a Jewish Feminist

Some useful tips for raising children in a religion--and world--that still tends to privilege what is male.

Battling Stereotypes of the Jewish Mother

What it means to be a contemporary mother and to be a Jewish mother today

When a Child Should Disobey a Parent

Jewish law recognizes several categories of actions that should be avoided even if one is directed to do them by one's mother or father.

How to Show Respect for a Parent: A Jewish View

It's not only what you do for your parents that counts, but how you do it as well.