Jewish Calendar

Is Shavuot One or Two Days Long?

The answer depends on where you live.

Why is Shavuot Significant?

It's probably a bigger deal than you think.

Released Into Jewish Time

Separateness is not the same as narrowness.

Jewish Calendar

A list of upcoming Jewish holidays.

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Why is Hanukkah So Late This Year?

In 2016, Hanukkah doesn't start 'til the night of Dec. 24. Here's why.

Why Is Yom Kippur So Late This Year?

In 2016, Yom Kippur doesn't start until mid-October. Here's why.

Why Is Rosh Hashanah So Late This Year?

In 2016, Rosh Hashanah doesn't start until October. Here's why.

Rosh Chodesh 101

A minor holiday that marks the beginning of each Hebrew month.

Months of the Jewish Year

Navigating the 12 months of the Hebrew calendar.