Jewish Artists

Arthur Szyk: His Brush Was His Sword

"Roosevelt's soldier with a pen."

Louise Nevelson

Scavenger Par Excellence, Wandering Jewess.

Jules Olitski

Spraying It, Not Saying It.

Chaim Soutine

A Belarusian yeshiva boy becomes an icon of Parisian art.

Jewish Modern Art

From Abstract Expressionism to Feminism.

Midrashic Art

Midrashic Art. Biblical Art. History and Theology of Jewish Art. Jewish Artists. Jewish Painters.

Biblical Art

A history of visual depictions of the Hebrew Bible.

Traditional Jewish Papercuts

Folk art even the poorest folk could create.

Jewish Painters

With the Enlightenment, Jewish painters experienced unprecedented opportunity.

Jewish Folk Art

Visual arts are a beautiful way to express religious devotion.