Eating Holy Food in a Holy Way

What can we do with knowledge of the sources of our food?

Two Sufferings That Are One

Exile and suffering are only too present in contemporary society.

Why Jacob Returns for His Small Vessel

Jacob views material possessions as essential and indispensable.

When Jacob Reconciled with Esau

Jacob is surprised to learn that even with estranged family members, reconciliation is possible.

Who Was Jacob?

The father of the children of Israel.

Jacob and His Two Wives

The emotional struggles of our ancestors can help guide us today.

Jacob And Pharaoh: A Brief Encounter

Jacob and Pharaoh's brief interaction over Jacob's age raises many questions about the complex relationship between the two.

Confronting Our Dark Sides

Like Jacob's struggle, each of us must recognize, confront and struggle with our darker side.

Don’t Just Stand There — Do Something!

Fear paralyzes us, rendering us incapable of addressing our most pressing problems.

Feeling The Presence Of God

God's presence at Jacob's deathbed teaches us that our reactions to the situations in which we find ourselves determine our spiritual perceptions.