Israeli Society

Religious Soldiers in Israel’s Army

Israel's armed forces, like many Israeli institutions, make special provisions for the religious needs of Jewish participants.

Modern Aliyah

Economic, political, and religious trends shape the cultural makeup of the State of Israel.

Homosexuality in Israel

Israel is among the leaders in equality for sexual minorities.

Israel’s Higher Education

Education in Israel is a life-long process.

Education in Israel

Israel has a comprehensive public education system from early childhood through adulthood.

Open on Shabbat

Government's disinterest in Sabbath inspection of businesses underscores waning Orthodox power.

Circassians in Israel

From the Caucasus region, their home is now Israel.

The New Discovery of the Secular Believer

It's not an oxymoron: Secular Jewish Israelis value a variety of Jewish religious practices.

The Bedouin in Israel

Israeli Bedouin have an ambiguous relationship with the state.

Schooling Seculars in Honey and Halakhah

Believe it or not, Israelis need Jewish education.