Elections, Israeli Style

They're colorful. They're intense. They're like a carnival. They're democratic.

Does the System Work?

Pros and cons of the Israeli electoral system.

The Birth of Israel

The process by which Mandatory Palestine became Israel.

The Revival of Hebrew

The Hebrew language was re-embraced by proponents of the Jewish enlightenment, then fully reborn in Palestine.

The Six-Day War

Provoked by an Egyptian military buildup, Israel fights back.

The Yishuv’s Response to Hitler and the British

How the Jews in Palestine responded to Nazi anti-Semitism and genocide, 1929-1945.

Jewish Immigration to Pre-State Israel

The story of who went to Palestine, and how these successive waves of Jewish immigration shaped Jewish life there from 1881-1939.

Zionism 101

The Jews as a nation in the land of Israel

Modern Israel at a Glance

An overview of the Jewish state and its many accomplishments and challenges.