Things are Not Always as They Seem

Masks have a long history in the world's culture, and they play an important role in the Purim story.

Why Do Jews Send Mishloach Manot on Purim?

It is customary to send Purim gifts to friends and strangers.

A History of Purim

How this festival became a time for merriment and satire.

The Concealed Face of God

Why isn't God mentioned in the Book of Esther?

Purim Plays and Carnivals

Creative ways that fulfill the religious obligation to have fun.

Purim and Halloween

An ideological face-off.

Alcohol on Purim

Are Jews really obligated to drink to the point of not knowing the difference between Haman and Mordecai?

The History of Purim

There are many theories as to how this holiday developed.

Purim in the Community

The megillah reading, mishloach manot and more

Purim Themes and Theology

At its core, this festive holiday grapples with deep and even troubling themes.