Exodus from Egypt

Next Year in Jerusalem

Understanding the familiar phrase in light of modern realities

Passover Songs

From a lowly goat to the rebuilt Holy Temple, the songs in the Haggadah survey all of Jewish life and hope.

I Was Redeemed From Egypt

Reenacting the Exodus in every generation

The Tales We Tell

The seder as a key to Jewish continuity

Dressing as Elijah & Pouring Out Love

Three customs regarding the seder verses "Pour Out Thy Wrath"

Four Children, Many Questions

A brief history of the story of the four children

Answering the Four Children

What to make of the wise, wicked, simple, and silent children at the seder

Believing in the Story’s End

Why we tell the story of Passover

Maggid: Telling the Passover Story at the Seder

This lengthy section of the Passover seder tells the story of the Exodus from Egypt.