Ceremonies for Jewish Boys

Rabbinic Sources on Circumcision

A selection of laws and stories about brit milah.

Brit Milah: Rabbinic Interpretations

Covenant, conversion, custom, and circumcision.

Brit Milah: Why Boys Are Circumcised

How Jewish thinkers over the ages have explained the importance of ritual circumcision.

Brit Milah: The Biblical Origins

Where the circumcision covenant comes from.

Brit Milah: Ceremonies for Boys

Ceremonies for Jewish Boys. History and Themes of Ceremonies for Jewish Newborns. Jewish Lifecycle. Jewish Ceremonies and Rituals.

A History of Brit Milah

Shifting views and philosophies about the Jewish practice of circumcising baby boys on the eighth day of life.

Some Meanings of Brit Milah

The message to the one who is circumcised: The covenant involves pain and sacrifice as well as honor and sanctity. And it is part of who you are, branded into your flesh at birth.