Parashat Beha’alotcha: The Grand March Toward the Good

This Torah portion illustrates what happens when we put our individual needs first.

Ceding Control — and Seizing It

One word in this portion means both “wind” and “spirit” — and the duality is striking.

Igniting Curiosity’s Flame

It's important to encourage a child's natural ability and his or her own way of discovering the world.

Appreciating What You Have

An important part of being content is to stop comparing ourselves to others.

Leadership: Bringing Out the Best in Others

Beha'alotcha: A resource for families.

Power Sharing

The impacts of grassroots organizations and the division of power.

Internal and External Change

Leaving Egypt was a change. Leaving slavery is a transition.

Cultivated Cravings

Not letting desires frustrate us.

The Trumpet Blasts

The sound of the shofar can mobilize us and help us consider the path ahead.

Sometimes There Are Second Chances

Of "Second Passover," Rabbi Akiva and adult bat mitzvahs.