Parashat Bamidbar: When Women Are Invisible

How do we make sense of the census commanded in this Torah portion, which specifies only men be counted?

Be The Wilderness

With uncertainty comes unparalleled potential for expanding our horizons.

Making Our Communities Inclusive

Everyone counts in a Jewish community.

A Wandering People

Today's global migrants, like our peripatetic forebears, are suspended in the precarious place between a difficult past and a hopeful future.

Parashat Bamidbar Quiz

Learn more about the weekly Torah portion.

Two Halves of a Whole

There is more than one meaning behind the counting in Bamidbar.

Spiritual Lessons of the Desert

The open spaces of the wilderness can help us access inspiration.

Making Sense Of The Census

The prohibition against the direct counting of the Israelites cautions us to remember the human faces behind abstract statistics.

Through The Wilderness

The stage of journeying through the wilderness is an essential part of the transformation from slavery to freedom.