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Ask the Expert: Should I Light a Yahrtzeit Candle For an In-law?

Lighting memorial candles is well-established Jewish custom, but not obligatory under Jewish law.

Ask the Expert: How Do I Know When To Stop Saying Kaddish?

Traditionally, mourners recite Kaddish for parents for 11 months minus one day.

Ask the Expert: Are Tomatoes from the Vine, Ground or Tree for Jewish Blessings?

As far as food blessings are concerned, what matters is how the food grows — not its botanical classification.

Ask the Expert: Can Jews Hang Wreaths On Their Doors?

While wreaths are often associated with Christmas, their history goes back farther.

Ask the Expert: Can I Convert to Judaism and Still Be Christian?

Judaism and Christianity profess beliefs that are incompatible with each other.

Ask the Expert: Can I Make Kiddush on a Jell-O Shot?

If a Jell-O shot is made from kosher wine, can it be used for Kiddush on Shabbat?

Ask the Expert: What If It’s Not Safe To Display My Menorah?

There have been antisemitic incidents in my area and I’m worried about being visibly Jewish.

Ask the Expert: Can a Non-Jew Hang a Mezuzah on their Doorpost?

We want to show solidarity with the local Jewish community.