Ancient Jewish Religion

A Crash Course in Early Jewish History

From biblical times to the emergence of Rabbinic Judaism.

Let’s Talk About Sects

The Pharisees, Sadducees, and Essenes on law.

Jewish Sects

In the Second Temple period.

The Rabbis and the Common Folk

The evolving relationship between the rabbinic sages and the Jews on the street.

How The Bible Differs from Other Religious Texts of Its Time

Go with Gilgamesh, but lose the animal livers.

Sea of Talmud II

How amoraic study sessions became the Gemaras.

The Sea of Talmud I

The emergence of amoraic schools of study.

The Synagogue and the Study House

These two institutions reflect the dynamism and the tensions in late antique Jewish society.

Creating the Canon

The process and the product of the canonization of the Bible became the basis for a varied tradition of interpretation.