This Bagel Makes Us Want to Go Across the Pond

London's Beigel Bake fills its bagels (aka beigels) with corned beef and more!

The food of the U.K. is most typically associated with high tea, bangers and mash and great Indian cuisine. But apparently, bagels and corned beef are to be added to the list.

Eater London recently featured a video about Beigel Bake, the oldest London bagel shop. Not only is it serving freshly boiled bagels, but it is filling them with salt beef (otherwise known as corned beef),┬ápickles and mustard. Or you can also have it with herring. We can’t think of anything more Jewish than a bagel with herring. And we are excited. It also sells challah, rye bread and other pastries. Time to book a trip!

Watch the full video below and get ready to drool.

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