Introducing Our Curated Collection of Global Jewish Recipes

Now available on Amazon!

What is Jewish food? Yes, it’s matzah ball soup and pastrami sandwiches, but it’s also buttery Yemenite kubaneh with grated tomato and slow-cooked eggs on Shabbat morning. It’s the smell of freshly fried Moroccan sfenj for Hanukkah — and a heaping bowl of Russian meatballs inspired by your grandma’s recipe. Jewish food encompasses a huge variety of flavors and textures that differ from person to person, tradition to tradition, country to country.

We’ve always made it our mission to share these recipes on The Nosher, and we’re delighted to announce that our essential collection of Jewish recipes from around the world is now available to order on Amazon! This gorgeous book showcases the breadth and diversity of Jewish food.

You’ll find time-honored dishes like hearty, vegetarian Moroccan harira soup and fragrant Persian fesenjan — a pomegranate, walnut and chicken stew — alongside contemporary takes on classic recipes, like Mexican churro-inspired challah and ube and coconut rugelach — a brightly-hued Filipinx take on the traditional Ashkenazi cookie. 

Photo credit Sheri Silver

This curated selection of The Nosher’s essential global recipes features contributions from respected food writers, chefs and beloved contributors, including Sonya Sanford, Emily Paster, Stephanie Hanan, Jennifer Abadi, Beejhy Barhany, Emmanuelle Lee, Danielle Sinay, Dikla Frances, Susan Barocas and more.

Photo credit Sonya Sanford

You can buy your own paperback copy of “Jewish Foods From Around the World” on Amazon for just $15.95; and while you’re at it, why not gift a copy to your loved ones? (Gentle reminder that Hanukkah is a mere month away!)

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