The Tools You Need to Make the Best Babka

Elevate your babka baking.

Babka is such a beloved and revered Ashkenazi Jewish dessert. It can also seem like a very complicated baking task. But with the right recipe, and right tools, it’s much simpler than you might think. First, check out some of our favorite recipes. Next, make sure you have some of the items below so that your babka baking can be executed with utmost precision.

Nonstick Loaf Pan

Of course you don’t NEED a loaf pan to make babka, but if you want to produce the classic shape and signature swirls, a good quality, nonstick loaf pan will help. I recommend this one from Oxo or these cute mini versions from Williams Sonoma. They wash well, and will help inspire sweet babka creations for years to come.

Dough Cutter

You could use a knife to cut your babka dough but a proper dough cutter makes slashing through that sweet dough much easier. It’s also great for challah dough or other enriched doughs, and makes scraping up any dough bits on the counter a cinch. I like this simple, straightforward version.

Silpat Baking Mat

I am obsessed with using a silpat pastry mat for all my doughs and baking tasks. It is easy to clean, nothing sticks, and it’s absolutely perfect for rolling out babka dough. There are also built-in measurements, so if you are rolling out to certain length, you don’t need to go looking for a ruler. Here’s a great silpat mat that comes into two different sizes.

Offset Spatula

A small offset spatula will make spreading your luscious filling just a bit smoother (pun very much intended). Check out this set for under $10.

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