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The Best Jewish Food Items At Target 

I mean, they kind of have everything.

From the old-school slushy machines at the front of (most) stores, to their adorable Bull Terrier mascot, every Target run feels more like an amusement park visit than shopping at a real grocery store. However, I always miraculously end up tripling my shopping list whenever I give the superchain a visit. From limited-edition Oreos to kosher dill spears, here are some of my favorite Jew-ish grocery items available: 


1. Bamba Peanut Butter Puffs

The only thing better than Bamba is a giant, value-sized bag of the stuff. Target stocks a wide variety of kosher and Osem-branded snacks, so no need to make multiple grocery store runs to find your family’s favorite nosh. 

2. Soup Croutons

These crunchy soup toppings are a cultural touchstone for a lot of Jewish families. Plus they’re really fun to eat by the handful. 

3. Black and White Cookie Oreos

The fan-favorite dunkable (and somehow vegan) sandwich cookie has gotten a deli-style makeover. See if the limited edition variety can stand up to our favorite Jewish half-moons. 

4. Lays Pickle Chips

These light and airy dill chips will have everyone at your house party wondering: Wait, what flavor are these? 

5. Old Dutch Pickle Chips

If you’re looking for a more niche take on briny potato chips, look no further than Old Dutch. They come in a family size, but that doesn’t mean you have to share. 

6. Stella D’oro Cookies

These butter-free cookies have been staples in the Italian American and Jewish community for generations. Learn more about the history of this craveable cookie from Joanna O’Leary here.

7. Hanukkah Trail Mix

Shimmery blue and white pretzel balls and candied cranberries make up the gorgeous, cavity-inducing candy blend that Target released for Hanukkah this year. Read Lior Zaltzman’s ode to the snack here

8. Joyva Halvah 

This nutty bar of candided tahini is pure Jewish nostalgia. Read more about Joyva’s 115-year old Jewish origins here

Pantry Staples

1. Extra-Wide Egg Noodles

Calling all kugel lovers! The essential base of this Jewish crowd-pleaser can be found in the pantry section.

2. Everything Seasoning Blend

Ever since this bagel-inspired spice blend burst onto the scene, homemade avocado toasts have never been the same. Thankfully the sesame seed, salt, garlic and onion combo from Good&Gather hits the same as Trader Joe’s OG cult blend

3. Canned Tuna

I think the most Jewish thing about me is that I’ll never refuse a stinky tuna sub. My biggest piece of pantry advice is always keep a couple cans of this stuff on-hand, so snatch a couple while you’re shopping, and read more about the Jewish history of tuna salad here. 

4. Osem Israeli Couscous

This small, round pasta or “ptitim” was actually invented by the Israeli government in the 1950s during the rationing period in order to not put a strain on their food and economic resources. Today, its quick preparation makes it a popular edition in salads and side dishes. 

5. Chicken Broth 

If you want a cheat code to recipes like Gail Simmons’ Matzah Ball Soup or even Overnight Yemenite Chicken Soup, this basic broth is a worthy route for those busy people out there. Don’t worry, I’ll keep it between us. 

6. Manischewitz Matzo Ball & Soup Mix 

Speaking of instant soup! The team at The Nosher have always been huge proponents of boxed matzah ball mix, and the movement doesn’t stop at Target. 

7. Matzo Meal

Stock up for Passover! 

8. Cream of Wheat

Farina, or hot cereal, originated in ancient civilizations like Egypt and Mesopotamia and was then adopted by Jews into their cuisine. Read more here

Refrigerated Items

1. Kosher Dill Spears

Target has their own brand of briny pickle spears to stock your pantry with. They are solid — grab a jar during your refrigerated section stroll.

2. Cottage Cheese

Jews have been obsessing over cottage cheese for a minute.  From simple, creamy bow ties to sweet cheese pancakes, cottage cheese has been an essential super food in Jewish households for generations and, thankfully, Target keeps the ingredient fully stocked. 

3. Hummus

Though nothing really beats homemade hummus, Target makes a well-to-do version of the spread in a few zesty flavors, like red pepper and olive tapenade. 

4. Borscht

Yes, we will take a whole case of this bright pink signature soup. 

5. Gefilte Fish

This shtetl-era divisive dish has been defining the legacy of Jewish food for generations. Whether you love it or loathe it, it’s at Target. 

6. Lender’s Bagels

Usually we would scoff at the idea of a grocery store bagel — but Lender’s legacy of a Jewish-Polish immigrant baker introducing frozen bagels to America and creating an empire? Lender’s can stay.

7. Coffee Cake

A household just doesn’t feel that Jewish without a massive coffee cake sitting on the kitchen counter. 

8. Horseradish

This spicy condiment is often used during Passover to symbolize the bitter herbs or maror. However, it can also be used in other Jewish recipes, like this honey horseradish chicken

9. Cream Cheese

Life would be so sad without schmear. Feel free to pick up Good&Plenty’s plain, strawberry or chive and onion cream cheese to spread half a pound on your next bagel. 

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