Shabbat Recipe Roundup

Can you believe this is the last Shabbat of July!? Summer is flying right by though we’ve still got a few more meals to enjoy with the season’s best ingredients.

The Challah Blog never disappoints and this week they are featuring a Rosemary and Olive Oil Challah recipe that I know will be delicious. For any skeptics out there I can assure you  rosemary + challah is one of the best flavor combinations – I’ve been making challah with rosemary and garlic for years!

A little salt and crunch always makes things better and so how can this Mustard Baked Chicken with Pretzel Crust not be delicious!? The mustard ensures the chicken stays moist and the pretzel crust gives a great crunchy flavor all over.

What a fantastic-ly simple side dish perfect for a summer dinner – Garlic-Caper String Beans! You can serve these warm or room temperature. Have some leftover? Throw them into a salad or some quinoa the next day for lunch.

And for a sweet finish I came across not one but two watermelon popsicle recipes that are delicious, refreshing and also so pretty. You can either go for the simple chock-full-of-fruit Watermelon Whole Fruit Popsicles or the slightly more gourmet Minted Watermelon Popsicles.

Shabbat Shalom and happy cooking!





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