9 Jewish Snacks for Your Next Netflix Binge

A few years ago, before binge watching had really caught on, my husband and I heard of a new show called Homeland. The season had just finished airing, but was On Demand in its totality. It was smack in the middle of winter, and we had my in-laws’ vacation home entirely to ourselves. With wine and snacks in hand, we settled in for the weekend by a roaring fire to happily devour the entire season.

Fast forward, and if you’re not binge watching TV series or movies from time to time over the weekends, well, you are definitely out of the loop. And what goes great with a cozy weekend at home cuddled in front of the TV? Snacks. Lots of snacks. Here are 9 snacks with a Jewish twist to make for your next couch and movie binge.

Za’atar Popcorn from The Kitchn

Everything bagel chips from Mountain Mama Cooks

Za’atar roasted chickpeas from Busy in Brooklyn

Mini potato and swiss chard knishes from The Little Ferraro Kitchen

Middle Eastern nachos from What Jew Wanna Eat

Challah pizza roll-ups from Kveller.com

Animal-style smashed potatoes from Jewhungry

Za’atar pita bites with garlic and tomato confit from Your Soul Kitchen

Everything bagel soft pretzels from Kveller.com

everything bagel pretzel1

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