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Yirmiyahu (Jeremiah): The Man and the Book

Hosted By: Torah in Motion

The prophet Yirmiyahu is given the hopeless task of prophesying an event he cannot
prevent and then lives to witness the terrible destruction of the city and the people he
loves. In our exploration of the book Sefer Yirmiyahu we will explore the themes and the
language of this remarkable text. Among the questions we will address are:

What were the causes of the destruction of the Judean kingdom and how do they remain
relevant to our identity as Jews today?
Why did the people of Jeremiah’s time refuse to hear his warnings?
Why does God tell Jeremiah not to pray for His people?
What does the imagery in the book tell us about Jeremiah’s internal life?
What can we learn from this faithful prophet about surviving destruction and finding
meaning again?

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Simi Peters

Simi Peters, author of Learning to Read Midrash, is an internationally acclaimed Jewish educator and speaker. She has a Masters degree in Linguistics from the Graduate Center of CUNY, and is a graduate of the prestigious Jerusalem Fellows program. With unique expertise in Tanach, Biblical exegesis, and Midrash, she specializes in providing access to a wide variety of classic Jewish texts for audiences at all levels of Jewish literacy and experience. Her interactive style is warm, inclusive and intellectually engaging. She lives with her family in Jerusalem.
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