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Tour of Jewish São Paulo

Hosted By: My Jewish Learning

Join My Jewish Learning and Jewish Telegraphic Agency for a virtual tour of Jewish São Paulo, Brazil.

Brazil has the ninth largest Jewish community in the world at around 120,000 and has the second largest Jewish population in Latin America after Argentina. Many of the first immigrants to São Paulo city lived in the Bom Retiro neighborhood in the commercial area near the railway station. They arrived by ship at Santos port and came by train to São Paulo seeking work. Once settled, they created synagogues, schools, social welfare and medical services, and a burial society.

In this walk-and-talk we will introduce you to the Jewish history of São Paulo from colonial times to the present and visit important Jewish locations in the now predominantly Korean neighborhood of Bom Retiro.

Our guide, Felipe is a Brazilian historian, researcher and tour guide with a focus on South American Jewish heritage. He is an active member of São Paolo’s Jewish community and part of the local “Hashomer Hatzair” youth movement leadership.

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