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Torah, The Laws of Nature, and Divine Providence

Hosted By: Haberman Institute

Many events described in the Torah are meant to sound impossible, or at least shockingly unlikely, given what we know about the way the world usually seems to work. What does the Torah think about natural laws, and how does a theoretical physicist make sense of this position?

A variety of sources in Tanakh will serve as a guide… Joseph, the son of Jacob, makes a fortune predicting the agricultural future of Egypt, but does he do this with prophetic insight that sees beyond the natural, or just by having deeper insight into what the natural order requires? And Moses brings marvelous signs to the Hebrews in Egypt to show the creator of the world sent him. Is he breaking the laws of nature when he turns a stick into a serpent, or is it sleight of hand like that of the Egyptian sorcerers? What is the difference between parlor tricks and genuine miracles in a world created to obey natural laws

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