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The Journey of the Omer

Hosted By: Applied Jewish Spirituality

This is the option to try the first session of an eight-session practice group as a free trial.

At Pesach, we may be blessed to experience some form of liberation.

But what then?

During the seven weeks between Pesach and Shavuot, called the Omer, the Torah asks us to mark our gradual growth in awareness by counting each day and each week.

If we really make each of these days count, on Shavuot we ourselves may experience standing at Sinai and receiving the revelation appropriate for us at this point in our lives.

In this course, we will learn, discuss, practice and share together as we journey through these seven weeks, which our mystics relate to the seven lower Divine Sefirot (emanations or qualities)

In this first session of the course will explore the Sefirot in general, and the specific opportunities for growth, healing and integration offered by the journey from Pesach, through the Omer to Shavuot.

Sessions 2 – 8 will each focus on the Sefirah (quality or emotion) of the coming week of the Omer, starting with Chesed (Loving-Oneness) and concluding with Malchut (Sovereignty / Integration).

Each session will include text study, discussion and guided meditative exercises.

These exercises will include writing or drawing, embodied practices, prompts for conversations with others and visualizations. There will also be time for reflection and sharing, so we can benefit from one another’s experiences and wisdom.

All texts are provided in Hebrew and English translation. This course is open to novices and advanced learners of all backgrounds and orientations.

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