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Sefarad: Music of the Jews of Spain, Portugal and Their Diaspora

Hosted By: Qesher

Qesher presents a musical journey exploring Sefarad, a term encompassing both the geographic regions of Spain and Portugal and the extensive Sephardic diaspora. The program traverses from medieval Jewish life in Spain and Portugal to the diaspora in Morocco and the eastern Mediterranean, including former Ottoman territories. Featuring a mix of live performances and archival recordings, the event showcases old ballads, wedding songs, Jewish calendar cycle tunes, and popular love songs, accompanied by photos and stories of the Sephardim who preserved these traditions.

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There are Jewish communities all around the globe with their own unique history, culture, places, and most of all, people and stories. All of them different, but sharing so much. The aim of Qesher is to connect these different Jewish traditions, not just to know of each other, but to learn about each other. We believe that there is great value in creating a deeper understanding within the Jewish world and exploring Jewish experiences and identities in all their diversity.
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