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Sabbatical of the Land (Shmita): Release and Repair

Hosted By: Urban Adamah

Part 1 – Reparations in Our Lives

How are Shmita (Sabbatical of the land) and Reparations inter-connected? How can we draw inspiration from these 2 subversive concepts as diasporic Jews living in occupied America in 2021? Through text learning, storytelling and personal reflection, we will explore these concepts and how they can support the integration of Jewish tradition, healing, and work for liberation in our own lives.

Part 2 – An Exploration Through Song

In this circle, we will use the tool of song to open ourselves up to the work of release and repair. How are these two in relation to each other? How are they both essential to the change we hope for in our own lives and in the world? We will spend most of the session singing songs that dive into each concept, and we will learn about using song as a tool that heals, shapes, regulates, and creates new pathways.

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