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Reading the Siddur as a Source of Wisdom: The Amidah

Hosted By: Haberman Institute

The Siddur (Jewish prayer book) is the result of more than 1800 years of evolution and development, and it continues to change in our times. In this new session, we will explore the composition of the Amidah and the sources of its interconnected prayers. The Amidah is the core of every Jewish service, and is therefore referred to as HaTefilla, “The Prayer.” What are the origins of the Amidah and why does it play such a central role in our worship?

Additionally, the siddur is so much more than a script for communal prayer. With this in mind, delve into the siddur’s unique place as a guide to our home practices, a handbook for expressing wonder and gratitude for the natural world, as well as explore other applications.

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