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Pride Up Shabbat: Celebrating Pride & Substance Recovery

Happy Pride!! The fight of our LGBTQI+ siblings to take up space, to access equality, is a powerful usher into the question we strongly adhere to at T’Shuvah Center: Why fit in when you can belong? 

We celebrate you for exactly who you are, and are celebrating our LGBTQI+ siblings within and beyond T’Shuvah Center with the utmost joy.

Recovery isn’t just about letting go of substances or behaviors that are causing harm.

An integral part of the recovery process is recovering that part of ourselves that we otherwise have felt shame or guilt about. Recovering the part of ourselves that we learned to reject (or that was rejected by others) throughout our lives.

It’s about reclaiming the identity and parts that have been hidden, rejected or stored away. In doing so, we restore aliveness, alignment and authenticity. And you DESERVE to access this restoration and to be your fullest YOU.

It takes strength, courage, and compassion to live life out loud. Wherever you are in that process of stepping into your authentic self and exploring what feels true for you, we honor you and accept you fully. You’re exactly where you need to be in this moment. You’re right on time.

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