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Photographing Departures and Arrivals: Picturing Global Jewish Migrations in the Era of the Holocaust

Hosted By: Sir Martin Gilbert Learning Centre

Many Jewish families who fled Nazi Germany took their photo albums with them. In them, we gain rare and unexpected insights into their lives in a racial state. Photos show not so much day-to-day realities, but strategies of reassertion and resistance: pictures of lives hoped for, aspired to, and a proud display of both Jewish and German identities. As well as the albums, Jewish refugees also took their cameras.

In this talk, Maiken explores how lives were re-built in exile, and the complex ways in which ‘Germaness’ was reconfigured in new cultural contexts, such as the United States and Mandate Palestine. She argues that photos reveal layers of experience on which written documents, such as letters and diaries, often remain silent. But in their character of focusing on happy moments and stories of success, photos are also tricky sources that require careful decoding.

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Sir Martin Gilbert Learning Centre

Sir Martin Gilbert was a master chronicler of the twentieth century, with a remarkable ability to bring history alive to his audiences. Perpetuating this legacy, the Centre offers a wide program on the subjects Sir Martin spent his life exploring: modern Jewish history, Israel, the two World Wars, the Holocaust, and Sir Winston Churchill. We run short courses, lectures, and conversations that reach thousands of students across the UK as well as in the United States, South Africa, and Israel.
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