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Learn Ladino: An Intro to the Judeo-Spanish Language

Hosted By: My Jewish Learning

Want to learn Ladino, the Judeo-Spanish language with a rich, centuries-old history from Europe to the Middle East?

From el kal (the synagogue) to throughout la komunita (the community), and from la kuzina (the kitchen) to throughout la kaza (the house), Sephardi Jews from Turkey, the Balkans, and Morocco have transmitted Ladino a Jewish language closely related to Spanish from one generation to the next for hundreds of years.

This six-part course, taught by leading Ladino scholar Bryan Kirschen, introduces participants to the basics of Ladino and contextualizes the language through Sephardic culture and history.

By the end of the course — one of the few of its kind — participants will be able to introduce themselves in Ladino; speak about topics such as family and food; and conjugate verbs in the present tense as well as in the imperative (command) form. You will also come away with an understanding of the diverse practices, names, and other conventions used among populations of Ladino speakers and learners around the world.

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