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Hanukkah Lights From Around The World

Hosted By: My Jewish Learning

Join My Jewish Learning on a global journey to learn about Hanukkah lamps from around the world. Discover some of the unique forms a Hanukkah lamp can take and how the diverse cultures of Jewish communities from around the world influence their Hanukkah practices and lamps.

You will also gain insights and inspiration on how to improvise your own Hanukkah lamp with unexpected materials. We will explore the why behind the diversity of Jewish Hanukkah lamps and how to recreate them at home, as well as the multi-century trends that led to the iterations of the Hanukkah lamp that are most widely known today. You’ll learn how Jews in Kurdistan and Morocco created ephemeral hanukkah lamps from sardine tins and bottle caps, and what aesthetic choices can tell us about the lives, values, and geography of global Jewish communities.

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