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Discover End-of-Passover Traditions from Around the World

Hosted By: My Jewish Learning

From Morocco to Iran, Jews celebrate unique holidays before, during, and after Passover! Some of these holidays are about communing with nature, while others celebrate the return of wheat dishes to our tables. Join us to learn about the Moroccan celebration of Mimouna; the Nash Didan tradition of Resh Shata, a post-Passover holiday from Iran; and Seharaneh, a Kurdish Jewish celebration that can take place during and after Passover. Members from each of these communities will share how they celebrate and provide insight and history on each of the holidays. Find out how to invite the spirit of these holidays into your own home!

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Seharaneh: A Post-Passover Kurdish Jewish Celebration

A Kurdish Jewish way to celebrate spring and the return to leavened bread.

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Mimouna: A Post-Passover Celebration

An exuberant Sephardic custom whose origins are the subject of debate