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Differing Schools of Thought: Education in the US and Israel

Hosted By: Hadassah

For Teacher Appreciation Day. Presented by Hadassah, the Zionist Women’s Organization of America. Take a deep dive into the differences — both overt and subtle — between the American and Israeli education systems, from the perspectives of teachers and education professionals as well as students and families. Esteemed panelists include: Esther Serok, Ed.D, a researcher and Professor at the Seymour Fox School of Education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and recently returned from North America where she served as the representative of the World Zionist Organization Executive in North America and the president of the Council for Hebrew Language and Culture in North America; Paula Spack, an accomplished master teacher who has been involved in elementary school education at all levels for more than 30 years in both the US and Israel; and Daniella Lang, a recent graduate who as a student studied in both the US and Israel.

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