Book of Vayikra Quiz

How much do you know about Leviticus, the third book of the Torah?

Quiz: Jewish Athletes

Can you name these famous Jewish athletes?

Holiday Foods Quiz

Do you know your latkes from your hamantaschen?

Pairs in the Bible

Two by two in the Tanakh.

Mayim Bialik Quiz

How much do you know about the Emmy-nominated Jewish actress and Kveller contributor Mayim Bialik?

What Ritual Object Goes With Which Holiday?

Match the ritual object to its corresponding holiday.

Sephardic Food

How much do you know about food from Sephardic communities?

Jewish Soups Quiz

How well do you know your soups?

Prominent Jewish Women in History

How much do you know about these prominent women in Jewish history?

Book of Sh’mot Quiz

This quiz was made in partnership with Unscrolled.org. Check out their Unscrolled: 54 Writers and Artists Wrestle With the Torah, ...