What’s Treyf?

Do you know what's kosher and what's not?

What’s kosher and what’s not? The Torah and Talmud are full of rules that tell us what’s okay to eat, and what’s off limits. See how much you know about everything from chicken cordon bleu to clam chowder.

Question 1 of 6
Which of the following dishes can't be kosher?
Question 2 of 6
If you are keeping kosher, which of the following foods CANNOT be served together?
Question 3 of 6
For a food to be kosher it must have been:
Question 4 of 6
True or False: When keeping kosher, one cannot use the same dishes and cutlery for meat meals that one uses for dairy foods.
Question 5 of 6
Which of the following dishes can be kosher?
Question 6 of 6
Which of the following is a traditional dish for Yom Kippur afternoon?