Brit Milah: The Biblical Origins

Where the circumcision covenant comes from.

Is Patrilineal Descent Next?

A very interesting letter to the editor in this week’s Jewish Week raises a fascinating question: With gay and lesbian ...

Ask the Expert: Do I Have to be 40 to Study Kabbalah?

Why are there age limits on Torah learning?

Jewish Camps in Pennsylvania

Camp Dina An Orthodox Jewish camp located in Dingman's Ferry, PA, for girls from age 7 - 15  

Meditations on the Seder Plate

Lines, Circles, & Infinity.

Insider Trading in Jewish Ethics

Insider trading--using privileged knowledge for profit in the stock market--violates many Jewish principles.

Genetic Memory: Feeling Jewish

Earlier this summer, I mingled among a group of amateur and professional genealogists at an international Paris conference exploring the ...

Who Was Nahmanides (Ramban)?

This Spanish Bible commentator earned a place alongside Rashi.

Jewish Marriage

Jewish marriage is not merely a secular legal partnership, but a union sanctified by God.