Rooted: Jewish Values Run Deep

 A 4-part series which explores the productive tensions between Jewish values, what we learn from these tensions, and how they enrich Judaism. These questions serve as a starting point for both personal reflection and community conversation — so each video is accompanied by a guide that can help facilitate and deepen these dialogues.

Sponsored by The Avi Chai Foundation

Making Jewish Tradition Relevant to Modern Life

How can Jewish tradition elevate our day-to-day existence in the 21st century? What does the Jewish past have to do with our own future?

Which Comes First in Judaism: Justice or Kindness?

Can the idea of judgment exist without the idea of mercy? Explore the duality of justice and loving-kindness in our daily lives and practice, and the ways each shapes us into better versions of ourselves. 

What’s More Important in Judaism — Others or Yourself?

This video is one in a 4-part series called Rooted: Jewish Values Run Deep, exploring the productive tensions inherent in ...

How Judaism Finds Inspiration in the Everyday

How do you balance Judaism’s everyday rituals and commandments with feelings of religious inspiration?