What To Do When You Are in a Motivation Slump

No matter who you are, you have most likely experienced a motivation slump, aka a period of time where you can’t seem to find that boost of motivation to accomplish what needs to be done. These slumps can be triggered by a negative thing that happened, or sometimes simply just happens out of the blue. It can be hard to pull yourself out of these funks, so I compiled a list of ways to help. 10/10 times at least one of these tactics can put a smile on your face and get you to a point where you can get your work done without constant dread. 

1. Listen to your favorite music:

Whether it’s rap, hip-hop, classical, modern, or country. Playing music can help reduce anxiety, improve mood, and reduce pain (according to Hopkins Medicine). Music is one of the quickest ways to feel better, especially when you play your favorite songs. No matter if you use Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, or Pandora, pick a song and let it change your day for the better

2. Eat good food:

While sticking to whole, healthy foods is best for not just your physical well-being, it is also better for your mind. Healthy, nutritious food fuels your brain, therefore increasing productivity and helps lead you out of a funk. On the other hand, our favorite “junk” foods are okay in moderation and might make us happy for a short period of time. Be mindful of what your body is craving; if you want something sweet, have it but keep a good balance of healthy food too. Research shows that a diet consisting of 90% healthy food and 10% junk food is prime because you aren’t depriving yourself but also fueling your body with the right nutrients to live well.

3. Clean:

An important step to having a clear mind is having a clean space. Making your bed in the morning can get you on the right path. Once the bed is made, clean up any mess in your living space. Having a clean and organized space lets you be organized and productive in other areas of life like school and work. This in its totality is so helpful in getting out of a slump. I find that when I start my day by making my bed, I feel like I can accomplish my other tasks with ease.

4. Get inspired:

There are many ways to do this. My favorites include Pinterest, listening to podcasts, and reading books of interest. On Pinterest (website and app,) you can make boards of things you like. Making a board of what you want your life to look like can be very motivating and can help get you out of a slump. There is a multitude of genres of podcasts out there. Save some that interest you and listen to them while walking, cleaning, cooking, or driving. You can search for specific people and will most likely find a podcast with them on. For example, if you love Grey’s Anatomy, search on any podcast host software like Spotify “Ellen Pompeo” (star of Grey’s) and listen to a podcast that Ellen speaks on. Listening to an informative and/or inspiring podcast can be amazing for your mental well-being. Books are great too for learning new things and self-help books can change your entire life for the better. My favorite self-help books are The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Rodrigez and The Power of Now by Ekhart Tolle.

These are just my favorite methods for getting out of a bad mindset, a period with low motivation, and an overall funk. Low motivation can be a symptom of anxiety or depression, which in that case it is so important to let someone know how you are feeling such as a trusted adult or therapist While we are in charge of our own happiness, sometimes that means seeking help. Making choices like deciding to clean our rooms or listening to music are a first step in shifting our mood and can lead to feeling more motivated and happy. I hope these tactics can inspire you when you’re feeling down and help get you out of a funk.

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