About Here.Now.

Here.Now. is a teen-led online and in-person initiative promoting mental health,
well-being, and resilience through innovative content and creativity.

We provide a platform and network for Jewish teens to meet, share what matters to them, and get their friends and peers to join the conversation. The more open teens are about their feelings and challenges, the more open their friends, classmates, and families
are likely to be about theirs.

  • We connect teens at the macro level — across the city, state, and country—through our social media campaigns and online content. Through online campaigns and programming, teens share how they hold and accept their struggles while also
    loving and celebrating themselves. Teen-authored articles on ProjectHereNow.org, produced in partnership with 70 Faces Media, include sharing stories and experiences. At the same time, we operate on a local level, convening events in our NYC
    community, and training youth professionals and summer camp staff on mental health red flags.
  • Developing leadership is integral to Here.Now.’s model and design. Teens can get involved through a range of levels and actions, including our five-person board of directors that guides our online content and social media throughout the year. Our
    executive committee of 10-15 youth work on projects they can take back to their own communities. We even have an online-based “street team” sharing content with other teens and building our network. We give teens the tools and skills to increase mental health and resiliency in their communities, while also educating the adults in
    their lives through workshops & training specifically focused on mental health, wellbeing, and inclusion.

To learn more, follow Here.Now. on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Here.Now. is a project of The Jewish Board and is made possible with the support of UJA-Federation of New York.

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