Symbiosis: Jewish Education and the Learning Sciences

How are Jewish education and the learning sciences symbiotic? In this elucidating talk, Sam Abramovich shares with us the unexpected points of connection between Jewish education and the learning sciences, and how their full symbiosis can be of benefit to both. Abramovich proposes that gamification of Jewish education, where using “badges” to represent scholarly achievement can be linked to the Talmudic practice of Chavruta or peer learning, is one kind of symbiosis that can help students meet learning goals.

Sam Abramovich is an Assistant Professor in the Graduate School of Education at the University at Buffalo. His research is devoted to finding and understanding the learning opportunities between the intersection of the Learning Sciences and Emerging Technology. Most recently, he has been studying how gamification and educational badges can increase motivation to learn and support cultural identity in Jewish and secular education. Dr. Abramovich holds a PhD from the University of Pittsburgh, was named a recipient of an Edmund W. Gordon MacArthur Foundation/ETS Fellowship. Previously, Dr. Abramovich was a researcher at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD., a technology coordinator for the Rashi School in Newton, MA., and a serial dot-commer.

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