Shifting the Paradigm: Student Empowerment and the Start-Up Nation

Many opportunities for Israel engagement exist for Jewish college students in America. Yet, how many of these opportunities provide the chance to not only advocate for Israel, but also do active work on Israel’s behalf? Using the Israel investing and consulting group he founded at University of Maryland, Ira Rickman makes a case for incorporating experiential learning with Israel engagement. Rickman argues that by using students’ real skills, Israel groups on campus can provide opportunities to hone those skills while supporting Israel.

Ira Rickman is a junior at the University of Maryland where he is majoring in Finance and Economics. In 2012 he helped found the University of Maryland Chapter of the TAMID Israel Investment Group. Prior to his involvement in TAMID, Rickman spent his summer interning for a bank in Tel Aviv and hopes to pursue a career in finance or consulting.

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