Seven Habits of Highly United Jews

How often are we conscious of our group identification as Jews? How can we use it to create real unity and work toward shared goals together? David Bratslavsky answers these questioning by exploring concrete ways to cultivate unity and peoplehood, laying out examples of successes from all areas of Jewish life and detailing the benefits of bridging the gaps that divide us.

David Bratslavsky is Executive Director of the US-Israel Business Council, a non-profit organization that connects institutional and private investors, senior executives, and entrepreneurs whose business activities enhance US-Israel trade. Previously, Bratslavsky worked at a political non-profit that represents the Jewish community to the White House and as an analyst at a venture capital firm. His background in business and politics enables him combine a mission-focused approach with rigorous business management in order to benefit the Jewish community. In addition, Bratslavsky manages, a website dedicated to popularizing Jewish values online.

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