Realigning the Synagogue Playbook

How can we reform the rabbinic system to better reflect the reality that today’s congregational rabbis now juggle dozens of diverse roles as they lead their communities? Rabbi Jeremy Fine argues that the diversity of roles a rabbi must now play requires a change in rabbinic education, a change in the minds of rabbis, and creative innovation within synagogue structure. Taking cues from the role of the quarterback on a football team, Rabbi Fine offers a vision for the changing role of the congregational rabbi in the 21st century.

Rabbi Jeremy Fine is currently the Associate Rabbi at Temple of Aaron in St. Paul, Minnesota. He received rabbinic ordination and earned an MA in Jewish Education from the Jewish Theological Seminary. He also holds a Mini-MBA from St. Thomas University and a Certificate in Fundraising from New York University. In 2014, Rabbi Fine was named one of the Jewish Daily Forward’s list of “Most Inspiring Rabbis.” He is the creator of, a platform to interact with Jewish athletes and sporting experiences.

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