It’s Not Just About the Money: The Honest Truth about Giving to Israel

Giving to Israel is a link in the chain that connects Jews around the world to one another. But some may claim that Israelis are not partaking sufficiently in the philanthropy. Joseph Gitler offers some less known facts about how Israelis give as well as a new way of thinking about giving to Israel. Gitler urges that we no longer think of giving to Israel but rather acknowledge Israeli philanthropists and begin to give to AND WITH Israel.

Joseph is a graduate of Yeshiva University and Fordham University Law School. After making aliyah in 2000, he worked for three years as Director of International Sales & Development for a family software business. He founded Leket Israel in 2003 after witnessing significant food wastage in Israel at a time of rising poverty. Joseph’s vision and steady hand have led the organization from a simple, one-man operation to Israel’s largest food rescue organization. He is married to Leelah, has five children and enjoys biking, traveling and spending time with his kids.

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