Happiness and the Jewish Identity

Jews are often see ourselves as neurotic, cynical, and even tragic. Our history, our stories, and the media would have you think that we just can’t help it. But Olga Gilburd has another idea: Judaism offers a wealth of resources for seeing and cultivating the happy in life even during the hard times. Cynical still? Just watch.

Olga Gilburd is the author of “Happiness the Jewish Way.” She draws on the Jewish heritage for the lessons in happiness skills that she presents in her book, in talks, and workshops. Olga lived in Russia and Ukraine before coming to the United States at 19. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and a Master’s Degree in Public Service. Olga climbed the corporate ladder from a receptionist to a Director of Compliance in a healthcare organization before she became an author and inspirational speaker. She was awarded 2014-2015 COJECO BluePrint Fellowship for improving the Jewish community. Olga now lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and two daughters.

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